Another popular tourist destination is the city of Karlovy Vary. Carlsbad (the second name of the city) is famous all over the world for its curative springs and life-giving health resorts. Undoubtedly, Karlovy Vary is the most popular resort in the Czech Republic.
At their times, Peter the 1st, Johann Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven came to improve their health here.

Karlovy Vary is a sanatorium city. Here there are a huge number of holiday homes, clinics, boarding houses, mineral water pumphouses. In Carlsbad people come with diseases of kidneys, gall bladder, stomach, intestines, liver and other digestive organs. Doctors use various methods for treatment and prevention of diseases: massage, physical exercises, mud baths, etc.

There is a huge geyser surrounded by a colonnade in the center of the city.
This is the symbol and the main attraction of Karlovy Vary. The Church of St. Mary Magdalene, the Peter and Paul Church, the Goethe Tower, the Bečov nad Teplou castle will also interest any tourist.

You can walk around the city forever! The architecture of Carlsbad dates back to the days of modern and historicism, which is why all the buildings here look luxurious, elegant and rich. You can always book a trip to Karlovy Vary or a trip to one of the city’s sanatoriums with departure from Prague on our website.

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